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Global technology startups, boutique luxury, real estate, and market-changing service innovators are part of our history, present, and future.


Fuel production remains a vibrant and evolving industry, driven by technological advancements and the interplay of renewable and non-renewable resources.


At Alma Endeavors, we actively participate in both renewable and non-renewable fuel projects on an international scale.


Innovation is at the core of our approach. By securing patented technologies, we have embarked on a groundbreaking venture in renewable fuel production.


Our focus extends beyond conventional sources, as we harness innovative solutions that unlock the potential of previously untapped energy sources. This not only generates new revenue streams but also yields usable energy, contributing to a sustainable future.


Strategic positioning is paramount in the non-renewable space. Alma Endeavors has strategically positioned itself through various long-term ventures that are currently in progress. These ambitious undertakings, characterized by their significant scale and scope, will enable us to play a pivotal role in international fuel production and distribution.


We navigate the dynamic landscape, leveraging opportunities and overcoming challenges to shape the future of the fuel industry.

Gasoline Pumps
Mexican Pesos

Financial Services

Financial services in Mexico are characterized by their diversity, aiming to meet the financial needs of a population where a significant portion lacks access to traditional banking services. In this context, alternative financial institutions play a crucial role in providing accessible and inclusive financial solutions.


One such institution is a SOFOM (Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Múltiple), which has emerged as a viable option for individuals and businesses seeking financial services. This type of institution operates under the regulations of the Mexican financial authorities and offers a range of financial products, including loans, credit lines, and other financial solutions.

ALMA Endeavors has recognized the potential of this market and has made strategic investments in a reputable SOFOM in Mexico. With a track record of providing over 180,000 loans, this institution has established itself as a trusted lender, effectively catering to the financial needs of a diverse customer base.


A key advantage of this investment is the significant loan portfolio held by the SOFOM, currently valued at USD $550M. This portfolio represents a substantial asset base and demonstrates the institution's successful history of disbursing loans to a wide range of borrowers.

By aligning ourselves with this prominent SOFOM, we are well-positioned to tap into the vast market of underserved individuals and businesses in Mexico.


This investment enables us to contribute to financial inclusion by providing accessible and responsible financial services, ultimately empowering individuals and fostering economic growth in the country.

Energy & Infrastructure

Energy and infrastructure projects are characterized by their high capital requirements and inherent complexity. To thrive in this competitive landscape, two crucial elements must be obtained: strategic positioning and scale. Without these, attempting to secure and deliver on significant contracts becomes a formidable challenge.

At Alma Endeavors, we understand the importance of both positioning and scale in this industry. We recognize the need to be in the right place at the right time to seize opportunities for bidding on large-scale contracts. However, mere presence alone is insufficient. The experience, scale, and expertise to successfully execute and deliver on projects are equally vital.

In pursuit of these objectives, Alma Endeavors has forged strategic partnerships that bring together the best in the field. With decades of experience operating in the Latin American market, we have combined our regional expertise with the track record and scale of one of the world's leading infrastructure contractors.


This synergy allows us to undertake and develop large-scale infrastructure projects.


Our current initiatives encompass diverse areas within various fields. These ventures are a testament to the successful collaboration between Alma Endeavors and our partners. By leveraging our collective strengths, we aim to create transformative projects that were previously unthinkable.


The convergence of expertise, experience, and scale positions Alma Endeavors as a formidable player in the energy and infrastructure sectors. We are committed to pursuing innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results that contribute to the growth and development of the industry.

Green Energy Turbines
Stock Exchange

Pre-IPO Investments

Participating in pre-IPO private funding is not a venture suitable for everyone. It is a high-stakes and high-risk game that is typically inaccessible to ordinary investors. Even high net-worth individuals around the world face significant challenges when trying to secure positions in pre-IPO rounds of the most sought-after Silicon Valley startups.


Tech startup founders are not simply seeking financial backing; they are seeking the right partners who bring more than just money to the table.


Access to the right networks and individuals is undoubtedly crucial in this arena. However, having connections alone is insufficient. It is essential to demonstrate a proven track record and the ability to execute effectively, making an investor a valuable and reliable partner for one of the most promising tech startups of the last decade.


Alma Endeavors understands this dynamic well, as evidenced by our successful pre-IPO investment in Facebook. Not only were we able to secure the investment opportunity, but we swiftly executed the financing round and met the rigorous requirements to participate.

Currently, Alma Endeavors proudly stands as a shareholder in one of the most significant and game-changing startups in the history of Silicon Valley. This accomplishment has been achieved through careful selection and collaboration with a group of private investors who share our vision and values. Once again, Alma Endeavors has positioned itself at the forefront of world-changing innovation in Silicon Valley.


Our ability to identify and seize such exceptional investment opportunities is a testament to our expertise, diligence, and commitment to delivering value to our partners and investors. As we continue our journey, we remain dedicated to seeking out transformative startups that have the potential to shape industries, disrupt markets, and create lasting impact on a global scale.


E-commerce in the luxury and high-ticket industry has emerged as a lucrative market segment, offering discerning customers a convenient and exclusive shopping experience. The potential for growth in this sector is significant as the demand for luxury products and high-value items continues to rise.


ALMA Endeavors recognizes the opportunities this thriving e-commerce landscape presents and has strategically positioned itself to capitalize on this trend. By leveraging our luxury and high-ticket industry expertise, we have established a robust online platform that caters to affluent consumers’ sophisticated tastes and preferences.


By capitalizing on the growing demand for luxury e-commerce, we aim to establish ourselves as a trusted destination for affluent consumers and investors worldwide. Our dedication to delivering a seamless online shopping experience and expertise in the luxury and financial industries position us for sustained growth and success in this dynamic market.

Champaign Bottle and Glasses

Real Estate & Short Term Rentals

Our tailored investment services cater primarily to foreign individuals seeking to expand their portfolios and capitalize on the lucrative US real estate market. Our team of seasoned professionals leverages in-depth market expertise and strategic vision to navigate the complexities of the US real estate landscape.


Through a personalized approach, we formulate bespoke investment structures and strategies tailored to your unique financial goals and risk profile. Whether you plan to 'buy and hold,’ short-term rentals (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.), or a blend of both, we have the knowledge and the networks to optimize your returns. We provide a fully integrated solution from procurement and management to marketing and maintenance.


At ALMA Endeavors, we provide more than just investment opportunities. We offer a complete, hassle-free solution that allows you to grow your wealth without getting entangled in the minutiae of property management. We align ourselves with your vision, become your trusted advisor, and deliver consistently high returns in USD, mitigating your foreign exchange risk.

Wooden Chess Pieces

Strategic Investment Advisory

Our experienced team conducts thorough market analysis to formulate personalized investment strategies that align with your financial goals and risk profile. We guide you through the complexities of the US real estate market, helping you make well-informed decisions. Whether your preferred approach is 'buy and hold' or exploring the dynamism of short-term rentals, we offer expert guidance to maximize your portfolio's potential.

Image by Vladislav Klapin

Foreign Investment Services

As specialists in assisting foreign investors, we understand the nuances and challenges of investing in a foreign market. We provide comprehensive support to navigate regulatory, legal, and financial complexities and optimize your investments in USD, effectively mitigating foreign exchange risks. Trust us to simplify your US real estate investments, making the process seamless and efficient.

Image by Aditya Wardhana

Hassle-Free Management

Capitalizing on the booming short-term rental market in the US, we offer a fully integrated property management solution. We do everything from selecting high-yield properties to overseeing operations, maintenance, and marketing of your rental units. Our all-inclusive services are designed to deliver maximum returns while ensuring you enjoy a hassle-free investment experience.

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